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Frequently Asked Questions:

-What is the reason the classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

We are a private school and most of our students are attending Monday - Friday. In order to create flexibility for our homeschool hybrid students, they will need to be here at the beginning, middle and end of the week for our lessons. We assess our students' learning frequently and make adjustments to be sure they are challenged and get extra instruction as needed for success. Students can learn independently at home on alternate days.

-Are there extra fees for classes such as coding/robotics, theater, Spanish and other "specials" classes? No. There are no extra fees for specials classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The cost of our program is comparable to other homeschool hybrid programs when you add up all of their fees. 


3% discount for payment in full.

3% discount for each sibling after the oldest full tuition student. 

Each family may only receive one discount. 

A $500.00 non-refundable registration fee is due for new families at time of enrollment. 


What should I do if this sounds like a good fit for my family?

Step 1: Schedule a tour

Step 2: Schedule a trial visit

Step 3: Discuss findings of assessments with our administration if seeking an offer of enrollment.

Step 4: If an offer of enrollment is received, pay the non-refundable deposit and submit required paperwork to secure placement.

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