Our Academics

Discovery School of Innovation is devoted to providing an exceptional academic experience while building well-balanced, life-long learners that are the future thinkers and problem solvers of the world.
Science * Technology * Recreation * Engineering * Art * Math
Our students regularly participate in outdoor recreational activities that complement our curriculum. Students are able to apply their learning to the real world. For example, we often go hiking during our study of plants and organisms.  Our learners engage in inquiry -based activities as they explore their environment. This creates a deeper level of engagement and excitement for learning.

    Communication Collaboration   

Critical Thinking Creativity

Elementary school at the Discovery School of Innovation is where we lay the foundation for a love of learning, as well as build the students’ social and emotional skills toolbox that will be useful throughout their lives. We take a holistic approach to education which enables students to express their creativity, be self-advocates, and maintain a happy balance in their lives. They will learn to be responsible members of our learning community, and not be afraid to take risks in their learning journey. 


Early on, students will begin to develop skills that are most desirable for the jobs of the future. For example, they will set goals and work to achieve them. Students will have ample opportunities to pursue their passions and present to others what they have learned. They will develop their ability to communicate and collaborate with their peers. These skills, coupled with the foundation of our challenging academic curriculum and STREAM program, will enable our students to excel and achieve their goals not only in school, but in life.

*In addition to the core subjects, all students receive

instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.

English Language Arts

The foundation of our academic program is built upon reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening. These skills are integrated across the curriculum. A love of literature is cultivated through exposure to a wide range of genres. High interest activities promote independence, critical thinking, communication, and reflection. 



The Mathematics curriculum is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards and is designed to promote conceptual knowledge ahead of procedural knowledge. 


Hands-on activities, including manipulatives, are used to help students visualize and explain their conceptual understanding. Mathematical discussions are encouraged to strengthen conceptual understanding.



Each child’s natural curiosity is the fuel for our inquiry-based Science curriculum. The curriculum is based upon the Next Generation Science Standards. Students are encouraged to act as scientists and explore a variety of alternatives, using trial and error to arrive at their conclusions. Through hands-on learning and meaningful projects, students formulate their own scientific understandings with the teacher acting as a facilitator in the learning process. 

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum prepares students to be responsible global citizens. Students participate in engaging, enjoyable learning activities. Through experience, students are able to understand that there are multiple perspectives to historical events.


Students have the opportunity to role play and communicate their interpretation of events with others as they learn how others have a different understanding of the same events.


Through student inquiry and content knowledge, students are equipped with the tools necessary to make informed personal and civic decisions.