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Our Approach to Education

It is:

-Based upon our educational experience at some of the world's top international schools.

-Small Classes (about 10 students)

-Meeting the academic standards in a creative way that still allows children to be excited about learning, make choices, and explore their interests.

-Tracking progress and allowing students to  advance onto more challenging material when ready, regardless of age or grade level.

-Certified teachers using research-based best teaching practices tailored to each learner.

-Practicing our 5 basic social skills each day to resolve conflicts and maintain happiness for life.

-Community engagement and service.

-Working alongside parents as a team.

-No STAAR testing.


Our Philosophy


Our educational philosophy focuses on building a strong academic foundation while nurturing kindness toward others, curiosity, creativity and collaboration. We value conceptual over procedural knowledge to promote "outside the box" thinking. We know that the jobs of the future will rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence and other technology, and our students will have the skills required to be adaptable and successful. 

KG - Grade 3

Smiling girls sitting at table in elementary class

Our lower elementary program encourages students to wonder and explore with a deep dive into the curriculum that integrates all academic subjects. We are building "thinkers" with a solid academic foundation and the confidence to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow stronger. They are communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, and demonstrate compassion toward others in our school, the community, and the world. 

Grades 4-8

Engineering Robot Car

Our upper elementary program embraces the real world application of learning with a focus on the creative application of knowledge to solve problems. Their academic foundation is fortified as they prepare for advanced topics across the curriculum in middle school. The learning process is of greater value than the final product. We emphasize the further development of leadership skills such as collaboration, communication, analytical skills, time management, personal goal-setting, and public speaking.

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