Welcome to Discovery School of Innovation

We are an Inquiry-Based, Reggio Emilia Inspired Private School in The Woodlands, TX

Kindergarten - Grade 6 for 2022-2023, adding 1 grade level per year through grade 12.

At Discovery School of Innovation, we encourage each child’s natural curiosity to explore their world.

Independent thinking is promoted and individual perspectives are respected and explored.

Our approach to education leads to an excitement for learning, and allows our students to develop the skills to be successful in whatever path they choose in life.


What is our approach to education?

It is:
-Meeting learning standards in a way that still allows children to be excited about learning, make choices, and explore their interests.

-Deep, meaningful learning experiences with real-world applications.

-Creative and innovative teaching that celebrates and respects each child as an individual. 

It is not:
-Adhering to the grade-level set curriculum even if a child is excelling beyond this level.

-A focus on testing and test results instead of on each child.

-Teaching each subject in isolation.

-Developmentally inappropriate limitations on movement, play, and social interaction. 

Our Approach


Our educational philosophy embraces the Reggio Emilia approach, which focuses on nurturing curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

KG - Grade 3

Smiling girls sitting at table in elementary class

Our lower elementary program encourages students to wonder and explore with a deep dive into the curriculum that integrates academic subjects and the arts.

Grades 4-6

Engineering Robot Car

Our upper elementary program embraces the real world application of learning with a focus on conceptual over procedural understanding. The learning process is emphasized over the final product.


Instructional practices are based upon the latest educational and brain research regarding how students learn and synthesize information.