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Welcome to the Discovery School of Innovation


A Private School with Small Class Sizes in The Woodlands, TX

Innovative & Exciting Education

Overcrowded classrooms?

We provide small class sizes.

Frustrated with standardized curriculums?

Experience our custom curriculum designed with your child's interests in mind.

Seeking an academically   challenging environment?

We empower academic excellence through advanced learning opportunities.

Will your child be prepared for the future?

Our students are learning how to use AI, coding, and other technology tools to enhance learning.

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Why Choose Us?


We empower children to thrive and face life’s challenges confidently.


Our students love coming to school, leading to higher engagement and academic success.


Our hands-on, research-based methods ensure deeper understanding and set us apart.


Experience the excellence of international teaching right here in town. Your child deserves the best.

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Top 10%


Our students scored in the top 10% across the USA on National Exams.

Passionate Teachers with Advanced Certifications and Degrees


Average Class Size


Grades Offered

*Expanding to 12th grade -coming soon.

Our Approach to Education


1) Modeled after our experience at top international schools.

2) Small Classes (about 10 students)



"DSI is teaching in a manner in which all schools should adapt. Gone are the traditional, non-focused methods of learning at DSI. The approach is much more intuitive and taps into the childrens natural curiosities. The staff and families that are here are just that, family. The older children have taken on a leadership role of nurturing the younger kids and they are quite protective of them. You cannot ask for, or find, a better learning environment than this." -Budreaux

"I have such respect for the teaching team the Founder and Director, Cathy Sagar, has put together. Such amazing teachers who use very creative methods, have testing and accountability for students and staff and get great results. They really do nurture the whole child and all of the children seem to love going to school. It's so nice to find an excellent private school that doesn't break the bank! I can't recommend more highly!" -roha66

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  • Are you accredited?
    Yes. We are a fully accredited private school.
  • What are your class sizes?
    Our average class size is only 7 students, giving us much time to spend teaching and nurturing each child and challenging them at their level.
  • What is the tuition?
    Kindergarten tuition is $13,500.00. Grade 1-8 tuition is $15,500.00.
  • Do you go on school trips?
    Yes. We have several school trips per year. For each major unit, we like to have some sort of community engagement piece that can relate what our students have learned to the real world.
  • Are your teachers certified?
    Yes. All of our teachers are certified teachers with the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education.
  • Do you do STAAR testing?
    No. We do not give the STAAR test. However, we do use the MAPS test, which is a short, online test used by the majority of international schools. There are over 15,000 possible questions, so you cannot “teach to the test.” It is an external assessment of how students are performing compared to others in their grade level across the country.

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We are a High-Quality Private School with Small Class Sizes in The Woodlands, TX

Now enrolling K-8th | Expanding to 12th - coming soon!
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